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Upper Case Converter

Upper Case Converter free online tool to convert your uppercase to lowercase proper case sentence case alternating case inverse case

In Upper case Converter you can convert your text, sentence , paragraph into uppercase, lowercase, proper case, sentence case, alternating case, invers case, title case . So if you have typed your document after you will release all word are in capital don't worry about it just copy document and paste it convert text in second into uppercase. It is very difficult to find convert to our team will develop this tool convert your text easily. Just copy your text and put into our website text box convert into various method.
Use below various button to convert text.

Alternating case

Converts all the text into letters :- lIkE ThIs. First letter is small and second is capital

Invers case

Converts all the text into letters :- LiKe tHiS. First letter is capital and second is small.

proper case

Converts all the text First Letter Is Capital :- Like This.

Sentence case

Converts all the sentence first word first letter capital In To :- Like this.

Upper Case

Converts all the text into CAPITALS :- LIKE THIS.

Lower Case

Converts all the text into small letters :- like this.

Title case

Converts all the sentence into first letter capital :- Like This.
After you convert your text and sentence into upper various method you can copy it using copy to clipboard and past in whenever you want. Easy method to copy your letter just use for copy ctrl+c and past in your desktop document using ctrl+v If you wish you have to download your text click on to download text button and upper case converter will automatically download and ask you whenever you save. Enjoy it- if you really like this tool recommended to other use our website.